Friday, June 23, 2017

What Makes Navel Rings The Most Popular Piercings

Why are belly rings the most popular body jewelry? One word can answer that question: sexy. This type of pierce is most certainly the sexiest type of piercing that a female can have. While some facial piercing can be seen as perhaps a bit extreme and other types of piercings might not show when one has their clothes on, what makes belly rings the most popular body jewelry is that in warm temperatures, one can easily show the piercing off and guys will be drooling! What could make a tummy sexier than a dangling, sparkling belly button piece of art? Find out how the proper way to get that belly pierced!

Sure, when it comes to jewelry we have tons of choices. We can decorate our ears with earrings, although they can be sexy, if your hair is long enough those earrings won’t even show. Necklaces are great accessories to outfits and the right necklace can pull together an outfit; however it does not yell “sexy”. Bracelets are cute and especially if you have matching or coordinating bracelets and necklaces, your look will be very nicely pulled together; but they don’t quite scream “sexy” either.

Rings are wonderful, if you keep your nails nice, rings can catch someone’s attention and the right rings can let others know that you have the mullah to treat your digits to some bling. But again, rings do not exactly scream “sexy”! Anklets are perhaps the second sexiest body piercing jewelry; they can be very tantalizing to the opposite sex. Some may argue that belly chains run a close second as well.

The single sexiest pieces of jewelry you can have are belly rings. Why are belly rings the most popular body jewelry, you may ask. Plenty of reasons. Men find them extremely teasing and sexy, especially if you have a shirt that ends right where the piercing begins. Or perhaps a top that teases the piercing and depending on how you move, others will see glimpses of your piercing and only want to see more

What makes belly rings the most popular body jewelry is also the location, of course. You can have a dangling ring that hovers right above and ever so teasingly to your, well, private area. In addition, it’s an invitation for men to notice just how darn cute your trim and tan tummy look.

There is another good reason why belly rings are the most popular body jewelry. Anyone can throw on a necklace and anyone can throw on a ring. However, everyone who sees your belly ring will know that you did not just throw it on. You investigated which tattoo or piercing parlor was the hippest, coolest place to to, you threw up your shirt to a stranger and allowed him or her to pierce you with a needle larger than any booster shot a human has seen, you lay still while the ring was inserted and then you took care of yourself to keep the piercing healthy. Men find it sexy just knowing that you went through the process.

The final and main reason that belly rings are the most popular body jewelry is because most women who have them are the type who takes care of themselves. They exercise, eat right and care about how their bodies look. Men find that unbelievably attractive and sexy in a woman.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The joy of identifying the right Kabbalah Jewelry

While purchasing Kabbalah jewelry, there are a number of things that need to be looked into especially when big investments are made with precious metals. Some of the genuine precious metals come in their purest forms and hence they are priced very high. A few of the metals are created in combination with other metals to form alloys to increase the strength or durability of the metal. Such metals are priced lower as compared to the purest metal forms. Kabbalah jewelry in both these varieties are popularly available everywhere these days due to the increasing popularity.

Kabbalah Jewelry

Plated Kabbalah jewelry is also available in the market as many people prefer to wear affordable Kabbalah pieces al the time. Instead of wearing Kabbalah jewelry from precious metals, plated jewelry is not only affordable but safer to use as well. The best part about this rang of jewelry is that it looks very similar to the original precious-metal Kabbalah jewelry pieces and you can flaunt them on almost any occasion with grace and confidence. Depending upon the quality of plating work done the price of Kabbalah jewelry items can also vary. Plated Kabbalah jewelry is affordable to wear and if the plating gets damaged then the same can be redone, as and when required.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Has anyone ever bought at

A steadily growing number of piercing specialists have turned to this website for both information and products. The piercing professional who wants to purchase a new, sterile piercing needle can find it by first clicking onto this web page. Still, this website offers help to both professionals, and to those who are less skilled at the art of piercing. Store

If you are thinking about having your nose pierced, but you seek answers to a couple questions, then you should take the time to read the appropriate FAQ section on this website. If you hesitate to undergo a nipple piercing, because you are worried about a possible infection, then you can eliminate your worries by studying the information on this website.

If cared for properly, no piercing should become infected, even a female or male piercing. Details on adornments for those quite private piercing locations can be found on this website. Posted here too are pictures of labret jewelry, belly button rings and various types of barbells, along with those items that visitors to this website seem to order most frequently. One of those often requested items is our L-shaped nose pin. Another item favored by site visitors is our belly button ring with the dangling gemstone.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

How To Choose A Celtic Tattoo Design?

Celtic tattoo designs are characterized by their ‘knot work’. Much of Celtic artwork is made in the knot work tradition. This means that the lines that make up the designs are like a piece of rope where the ends are fused together. The knot makes up one circle of rope that is interlaced into a beautiful and intricate design. Celtic designs are very popular because of the meaning they imply with their never ending lines and interlacing. The Celts were a culture that used tattooing regularly in their culture. Many of the tattoo designs are traditional and have been used for millennia. Today Celtic designs are some of the most popular because of their meaning and beauty.

The knot work in Celtic artwork is what characterizes it. But there are several traditions when it comes to Celtic designs. Spirals are a classic design found in Celtic artwork. They turn endlessly never touching or crossing any other line. Some popular spiral Celtic tattoo designs are the motherhood spiral, and the double spiral. Zoomorphic designs include knot work but also have animal heads, feet and tails. Maze designs do not interlace, as in knot work, but two parallel lines run side by side creating a maze looking pattern.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Starbrite Tattoo Ink - A Great Product for a Great Price

Starbrite Tattoo Ink is a fairly priced ink that has a large array of colors to choose from including everything from grade shading colors to amazing bright colors. This is a good tattoo ink for any style of artistry and comes at a price well worth the effort. Individuals choosing to use this product will likely be very happy with how pliable it is to most tattoo art and how easy it is to use. The price is definitely right for the product and you can find it in nearly any color that you are looking for.
Starbrite Tattoo Ink

When you are considering purchasing Starbrite Tattoo Ink you may want to take a look at the reviews online and talk to other tattoo artists for their opinion. They will be able to give you an idea of what they think of the product. While every artist is different in their desired tools and supplies many will agree that this product is a great bargain and will go a long way in your artwork. You will be able to spend more time working on your art then shopping for the right products and supplies.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Tummytoys Jewelry – Feeling the Difference

Although body jewelry used to be something that was more daring or even shocking in the past, today it’s as commonplace to put in a belly button ring as it used to be to put in a new pair of earrings. However, if you want to showcase this trendy look without committing to putting a new hole in your body just yet, you might want to look at companies such as Tummytoys jewelry, which makes fake belly rings. These latch onto your belly button in style, without breaking the skin, so that you can wear them in comfort and it looks like you’re wearing the real deal.

With a huge range of different types of styles, Tummytoys jewelry stays on top of the latest trends, so that you can too without going in for a full body piercing. If you have been thinking about maybe getting a belly piercing down the road, but are unsure if this is a look that you are really comfortable with, it’s a good idea to first try temporary or fake body jewelry along these lines so that you can try out how it looks and feels. While most people love the way a belly button ring looks, some may find it irritating if it shows through a thin shirt, for example.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Important Belly Piercing Tips

The following belly piercing tips apply to a man or woman who does not have any sort of medical device implanted in the area of his or her belly. A patient with an insulin pump should consult with his or her physician before taking the time to read over and study the following tips. A patient with a ventricular peritoneal shunt should arrange to talk with his or her neurosurgeon before making an appointment with even the most respected piercing professional. Such patients are already facing an increased risk for infection; they need to think twice before ratcheting up the degree of that risk.

Belly Piercing TipsThis article should not be seen as a “how to” for someone who has chosen to have his or her belly pierced. This article gives a reasonable answer to the following question: What should you do if you think that you might want to go through with a belly piercing?

Before any youth walks into the office of a piercing specialist, he or she should first take the time to consult with parents and other trusted adults. He or she should accept the fact that the decision to go after a pierced belly invites introduction of an infection, an infection in the region of the body referred to as the naval. Anyone who walks into the office of a piercing specialist needs to recognize the risks inherent in any quest for a pierced belly.

If a youth can truthfully say that he or she has faithfully adhered to that first piece of advice, then can that youth can proceed with the remaining belly piercing tips. Then that youth can seek out the offices of a professional piercing specialist. Only a professional can be counted to cut into the skin with nothing except clean and sterile piercing tools. Keep in mind too, that the most efficient piercing “expert” often fails to be as attentive, and as mindful of risks, as the professional, the licensed, piercing specialist.

A number of the most relevant belly piercing tips center around treatment of the pierced region, following completion of a professionally done piercing. It takes time for the hole in the naval to heal. During that healing period, the man or woman with the freshly pierced belly needs to keep that hole free of dirt.

Once someone has undergone a belly piercing, then he or she should apply antiseptic to the pierced body region between three and five times a day. Yet that is not the only task that the trained piercing specialist should “assign” to his or her client. Anyone who has had a belly piercing within the past three to nine months should understand the importance of rotating, on a regular basis, whatever jewelry has been placed in the area of the naval cavity.

Belly Piercing Jewelry

While the above tips appear to call for the performance of time consuming tasks, those tips also call attention to tasks that no client or piercing specialist can afford to ignore. A specialist who fails to recommend such tasks or a client who chooses to bypass performance of such tasks might as well send an open invitation to every community of infectious agents. He or she should prepare to look down at a region of red and inflamed skin.

The brightest and most stylish belly jewelry never looks great, if it rests on skin that has become red and inflamed.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Calling Attention to Gold Body Jewelry

The writer of the following article has read an article that refers to the benefits of wearing gold body jewelry while at the beach. The writer of the following article can see how a stylish piece of body jewelry might help to add to the glamour of a bathing suit. Still, the writer of the following article suspects that not every bathing suit wearer would welcome the stares that can focus upon a person who is wearing a flashy piece of body jewelry. Some beach goers have put on a few extra pounds over the summer. One or two beach goers might also bear the scars from a recent surgery.

Gold Nose Piercing

This article does not promise to hold every reader, as a “captive,” but this article will present useful information about “captives.” The term “captives” refers to CBRs. A CBR is a captive bead ring, the most basic of the many piercing objects, objects that are included under the term “body jewelry.”

While there are retailers who carry acrylic belly button rings, most body jewelry has been shaped from some sort of metal. An online shopper can find sterling silver jewelry, titanium body jewelry, steel body jewelry, metal jewelry decorated with cubic zirconium, metal jewelry decorated with pearls, gold plated jewelry and gold body jewelry.

A lover of gold, if he or she so chooses, can enjoy an added gold ornament from the moment that a piercing specialist first provides that gold lover with a piece of body jewelry. After any body piercing, the person who has undergone that piercing should wear a piece of jewelry in that pierced region. A lover of gold has the option of wearing a simple gold CBR.

Now the CBR is not the only piece of body jewelry that has been shaped from gold. Any person who has walked out of a piercing facility with a CBR in his or her belly button can consider getting a gold barbell, just as soon as the initial piercing wound has healed properly. Still, anyone who decides to wear a gold barbell should understand that it is apt to be a straight barbell, and not a curved or twisted barbell.

While gold body jewelry does not come in a great many different shapes, gold jewelry can be worn on many different body parts. In addition to the gold CBRs and the gold barbells, online retailers normally carry gold nose rings, gold toe rings, gold cartilage piercing earrings and gold ear “plugs.” Moreover, some retailers offer one or two pieces of gold eyebrow jewelry.

White Gold Navel Jewelry

Now anyone who has decided to examine the selection of gold eyebrow jewelry should not expect to find any jewelry that has been provided with a fairly unique shape. At the present time, anyone who wants to wear a snake shaped metal or a lightning shaped metal over his or her eyebrow should not plan to purchase a piece of gold jewelry. Each piece of gold eyebrow jewelry assumes a simple line pattern.

While anyone who wants to wear gold body jewelry must choose from a limited number of gold selections, he or she does get to choose between white and yellow gold. Perhaps, in the future, there will be retailers who also carry body jewelry that has been shaped from ruby gold. Perhaps in the future there will also be retailers who have elected to offer a line of gold tongue barbells.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Navel Piercings Is A Popular Fashion Accessory

Navel jewelry has been the rage for at least ten years now. You can find many different style of navel piercing. There have been about as many different types of navel jewelry as there are people that wear them. You can define yourself in what you wear. There are many to choose from and you can get something that fits your own personality.

Navel jewelry has been a popular accessory due to the mainstream market, and people wanting to look stylish on the beach in their bikinis. Navel piercing comes in many forms and can be bought from many different locations. There are clip in rings, barbells, banana bells, bead rings, spiral rings, and twister rings. You will want to always use surgical steel rings to prevent allergic reactions. Titanium is also recommended.

Navel Piercings

There are certain types of stainless steel that are recommended for piercings. These are 316L and 316 LVM types. These have been recognized by the American Society of Testing and Materials as being safe to use for belly button jewelry. If you choose to use gold, make sure it is at least eighteen karat. You can also get these in silver and titanium. Silver has been known to cause the most reactions, so it is better for you to stick with gold or titanium if you are allergic at all. Make sure they are all stainless steel in nature.

You can use a straight or a circular piece of jewelry in your belly. They have many different designs to choose from either on line or in your favorite jewelry spot. They come with diamonds, flowers, initials, animals, sports logos, and almost anything else you can think of that you may want to have on your body jewelry. They are very popular because there is plenty of choice in your selections. People may want to wear the sports logo to a game one day and wear an elephant on the ring the next day.

The choices are amazing and quite a number of them will fit almost anyone looking for a unique piece of body jewelry. The spiral and twister types are the most popular. They come in a variety of colors and styles. People can show off their midriffs and their own unique style of jewelry. Especially at the beach, these belly rings are great to show others what you like as far as sports teams, careers, or hobbies. Some people just get the plain barbells or the twister. It all depends on what you are wanting to show your personality as.

The best way to do that is to find your favorite metal whether it be gold, silver, or titanium. Find a unique piece that shows your interests and put it on. Plain rings with the diamond beads are the most popular. They are very trendy and very inexpensive if you are looking for something elegant but affordable. They are also nice to wear with those bikinis or high cut shorts. You can also pick something that is floral or colorful. Different color barbells are interesting. Get one for every day of the week. Get one for every day of the month if you want. Show off your midriff and your unique style.